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Cooking with Spare Parts

So, my learning project requires a bit of a backstory.
On November 24th, 2017, my mother underwent a double lung transplant. She spent a month in the hospital and came out better than ever. Life changing experience for our whole family.
That being said, WOW! There are sooooo many dietary restrictions that come along with being a transplant recipient (goodbye soft cheeses and rare steak!) We have pages and pages of restrictions in the book I like to call “The Bible”, which is basically her manual for post-op life.  On top of that, shes also duhn duhn duhn…..Diabetic! Yay! So fun!
So, needless to say, managing blood sugar, potassium, sodium and iron levels has been quite a challenge.
I figure what better new skill to learn that to master the art of diabetic friendly cooking while still keeping Spare Parts happy and fed. Spare Parts is the nickname we gave my mom because well….obviously. 😉
Join me over the next few months as I chronicle my triumphs and tribulations in diabetic cuisine.


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