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Spice Cupboard Overhaul

Sooooo…..I am a self-professed hot sauce and seasoning salt junkie. When i was a kid I would eat salt and vinegar chips until my tongue hurt (okay maybe I still do that), I regularly put hot sauce in my soup, an if you’ve ever tasted or seen Back Eddy’s Seasoning Salt you’d know (and know why) that it is a staple in every kitchen in the Northwest Territories. Seriously, you can buy it by the bucket!
                                           (photo credit )

Back Eddy’s is a seasoning salt invented and sold in the NWT, and highly revered around the north, Canada, and apparently worldwide from the testimonials on the site. I have a friend in the Yukon I make sure I keep supplied with after every trip home because he raves about how good it is. Seriously, I don’t work for the company…it’s just thaaaaat good. But alas, my beloved Back Eddy’s is loaded with sodium, so it’s been “shelved” for the time being for Spare Part’s sake (truthfully: I still sneak it into my eggs after I’ve cooked them.)

Seasoning salt heartbreak aside, cooking and flavouring is a whole new ballgame now. Every trip to the grocery store is a new opportunity to find “healthier” options and substitutes.

Enter: Mrs. Dash. What is Mrs. Dash anyway, you ask? Just kidding you probably don’t care but I’m going to tell you anyway. In their words: “Mrs. Dash® is the salt free alternative for spicing up your favorite meals. Each blend, seasoning packet or marinade contains a multitude of spices allowing your palate to enjoy the flavor without the salt.”

Here’s my “stash” of “Mrs. Dash” (see what I did there?):


I have what I would consider the essentials, and between whats in my cupboard as far as spices and herbs I could probably throw together any sort of blend a recipe called for, but its always nice having it ready-made and on hand. I made steaks with the Mrs. Dash last week for the first time and they were better than any other steak I’ve made in recent memory! Win!!
I keep feeling like I’m giving away free advertising for these companies but truly I’m just a fan and I love food and love sharing food, so when I find something I like that works I like to talk about it. According to their website, they have over fifteen spice blends, 4 marinades….and some other stuff.


I’m interested to try the marinades once I find out how to get my foreman grill out of the locked cabinet no one has a key to! Also, my birthday is coming up if anyone want’s to complete my stash 🙂

So in summary  (seriously these companies need to pay me) Mrs. Dash has overtaken salt and Back Eddy’s as the seasoning we use so often we hardly bother to even put them back in the cupboard. Spare Parts has been giving them her seal of approval so far, so we’re all winners here!……for now.

4 thoughts on “Spice Cupboard Overhaul

  1. Hey Jessi, well you convinced me to get to the store and to buy Mrs Dash! So, someone should be paying you because you have recruited at least one person. I too am a seasoning salt junky and recently learnt that there is something in it that my body does not like. After reading this post I think I am going to head to the store and get Mrs Dash so it will make putting the seasoning salt away for good a lot easier… hopefully. Spices are important for all cooking and I agree having pre-made mixes are great to have when cooking quickly!


  2. Hi Jessi!
    it is great to hear that you have found what sounds like an awesome substitute for one of your favourites! I think I have seen Mrs. Dash on the shelves but have never tried it! Might have to now! Also it has been awesome reading about how you are finding great substitutes for your mom! Such a great learning project that will be so beneficial and is something you can stick with even when the course is done! I know I definitely stopped my learning project shortly after the class was over! Thanks for sharing girl!


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