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EDTC Summary of Learning

By George, I’ve done it! I managed to produce my summary of learning video without shedding any tears in frustration! (I did have to take a stress nap though)

I cannot believe how quickly this semester went by; It’s like we were just getting started exploring all technology available! I feel like it would be impossible to every be fully up to speed though, which is why as educators it is important to commit ourselves to a lifetime of learning, so that we can teach others.

Even though I am too shy to video myself, I actually really got into making this and I feel like there is a ton more I could keep talking about, but that six minutes flew by. In this video, I touched on:

Check out my video below, don’t forget to follow my this blog, and leave me some constructive feedback! It’s been a slice EDTC peeps, check back here in the future for new content and to watch me grow as an educator and human being 🙂


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